First Watch

When the call goes out for safety, comfort, durability, and design in personal marine protective gear - we'll take the First Watch. Because the sea’s beauty and tranquility can quickly transform into a hostile and unforgiving environment, professional seamen know that the best flotation and protective garments can’t protect you when they’re stored in a locker when they’re needed most.
That's why we’ve created the Firstwatch Gear line - knowing that your flotation apparel needs to be as comfortable as possible. Whether you work or play on the water, you want safety gear that doesn’t limit your abilities and Firstwatch technology and design comes through when the going gets rough.
Working with offshore rescue teams and fishing crews, our Commercial Vests, Suits, Jackets, and Bibs are the new pinnacle of comfort and flexibility. Firstwatch has been tested and approved for conditions ranging from frigid arctic waters to the tropics, with a style and features to suit most anybody that spends time on the water.
We build the best because your life depends on it. And the vest or garment can only do its job if you wear it, which is why our Super Soft flotation makes First Watch the most comfortable and flexible line of flotation Products on the market today.
People that work on the water for a living know that one wrong step, one slip on the deck, one bad wave can send someone overboard in the blink of an eye. Not the time to be searching the boat for a life vest to throw or wishing you had worn a PFD. First watch knows that when working in extreme conditions, the garments you wear can’t be a hindrance or obstacle. And the flotation Device needs to be rugged and well constructed, using top quality fabrics, straps, zippers and components.
Only Firstwatch Gear gives you all this and more. From comfortable and flexible Super Soft Flotation, to the MMS™ Fit system, to SFT™ breathable fabric technology, the Firstwatch line stands alone in comfort and protection.
For flotation garments that work as hard as you do, whether you work or play on the water, let Firstwatch Gear be the Flotation That You Can Live In.
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